Insert Credit Gaiden #2 - Sniffing Other's Beers
Ep. 02

Insert Credit Gaiden #2 - Sniffing Other's Beers

Episode description

Brandon Sheffield continues answering your questions about Japan, and finishes ranking non-alcoholic beers encountered in convenience stores. Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, introduced by Alex Jaffe. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.


  1. Alex Jaffe asks: What’s the best convenience store in Japan? (01:19)
  2. Karasu asks: What do you think of the Japanese craft beer scene? (02:10)
  3. sosadillatron asks: Do you notice a lot fewer game centers? (03:56)
  4. Tomofthefog asks: What’s the first thing you wanted to do in Japan that you can’t do anywhere else in the world, and did you do it? (05:05)
  5. Alex Jaffe asks: Has anyone given you trouble for being a foreigner? And, saddleblasters asks: when has your identity as a foreigner perhaps surprisingly meant nothing? (06:22)
  6. powderooze asks: Are there more foreigners around these days? (08:59)
  7. Review: Suntory Lemon Sour (11:46)
  8. Review: Value Plus Zero Feel (13:27)
  9. Mnemogenic asks: What’s your favorite bird to hang out with in Japan? (14:23)
  10. MDS-02 asks: Do you prefer Book Off or Hard Off? (15:30)
  11. Lotte asks: Please go to the Wood & Plywood Museum (16:23)
  12. BinaryFlux asks: What’re some cool places in Japan for someone going for the third time? (16:54)
  13. mtvcribs asks: Why is Japan so much cooler than America? (18:04)
  14. sabertoothalex asks: What are your tips for day to day living in Japan? (19:27)
  15. marxseny asks: Are Japanese cops all ブタ野郎? (22:54)
  16. Review: Takara Karakuchi Zeroball (24:17)
  17. Review: Suntory White Wine (25:50)
  18. What Did We Learn? Plus, Bonus Garlic Cheese (27:08)
  19. A Noisy Airport Addendum Regarding Going With the Flow (29:47)

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