Insert Credit Gaiden #1 - Smadori

Insert Credit Gaiden #1 - Smadori

Episode description

Brandon Sheffield reports from various locales around Tokyo, answering forum questions and reviewing non-alcoholic beers. Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, introduced by Alex Jaffe. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.


  1. rejj asks: What’s it like being vegetarian in Japan? (00:31)
  2. Review: Kirin Zero Ichi (05:45)
  3. Review: Asahi Dry Zero (08:06)
  4. rejj asks: Where do you get your recommendations? (10:31)
  5. rearnakedwindow asks: Is anybody out playing PSPs/3DSes and such? (13:18)
  6. DaveedNoo asks: When was your first trip to Japan and what did you do? (14:31)
  7. Review: Kirin Greens Free (17:45)
  8. Review: Suntory All-Free (19:50)
  9. ninjapresident asks: How is the used game market right now? (21:27)
  10. Review: Yoinai Lemon Sour (30:37)
  11. Review: Suntory Karada Wo Amou All-Free (32:08)

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