Ep. 62 - Dinosaur Sexual Energy
Ep. 62

Ep. 62 - Dinosaur Sexual Energy

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Questions this week:

  1. Did anything actually happen at TGS?
  2. What have you gained from this latest excursion to Japan?
  3. Who should be the most excited about the Steam controller?
  4. What adjustments should be made to the Legend of Zelda formula?
  5. How can smaller game companies fight back against the giants?
  6. IMPROV ZONE: Frank and Brandon are meeting for their first date. Tim, their guild leader, has invited himself and is oblivious to their relationship.
  7. Were there any promises you were amazed a game WAS able to keep?
  8. Who's the best king in a video game?
  9. What was Hiroshi Yamauchi's impact on video games?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Title Design - Art as Games

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music 'Overworld Music' from Dragon Quest V for the SNES and 'Battle Theme' from Dragon Quest V for the DS.