Ep. 43 - Slenderman with Googly Eyes
Ep. 43

Ep. 43 - Slenderman with Googly Eyes

Episode description

Higher number of trucks than your average show.

Questions this week:

  1. What game would you most like to play exclusively while getting your hair cut?
  2. What video game adaptation of a film being released this summer would you most like to work on?
  3. What would be the ideal premise for a video game set in Oakland, California?
  4. Which game studio has the healthiest social conscience?
  5. What would we end up with if we fused a western RPG franchise to Studio Ghibli for a reverse Kingdom Hearts?
  6. The Nintendo DS features a game called My Stop Smoking Coach. What should be happening in this game?
  7. After objectivism and patriotism, what will be the next easy low hanging target for the BioShock series?
  8. Which Belmont is best?
  9. What categories would you add to the GamePro formula of rating by graphics, sound, control, and Fun Factor?

LIGHTNING ROUND: Mascot Pitch (01:02:00)

Edited by Blaine Brown. Music: 'Realm Overworld' performed by YouTube user DSCAccount and 'Run' by Danny Baronowsky.