Ep. 325 - Game of the Year 2023, with Kris Graft
Ep. 325

Ep. 325 - Game of the Year 2023, with Kris Graft

Episode description

The best video game of the year 2023 is decided by VGHF’s Frank Cifaldi, Action Button’s Tim Rogers, Necrosoft’s Brandon Sheffield, and Alienware’s Kris Graft. Also, the design of the Switch 2 is revealed. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield, and Kris Graft. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

The Nomination Process:

  1. Frank Cifaldi’s First Nomination (02:57)
  2. Frank Cifaldi’s Second Nomination (11:34)
  3. Frank Cifaldi’s Third Nomination (15:00)
  4. Brandon Sheffield’s First Nomination (29:40)
  5. Kris Graft’s First Nomination (41:31)
  6. Tim Rogers’ First Nomination (01:00:42)
  7. Brandon Sheffield’s Second Nomination (01:08:25)
  8. Kris Graft’s Second Nomination (01:19:41)
  9. Tim Rogers’ Second Nomination (01:35:18) Insert Credit Quick Break: GLYDR (01:48:06)
  10. Brandon Sheffield’s Third Nomination (01:49:45)
  11. Kris Graft’s Third Nomination (02:00:06)
  12. Tim Rogers’ Third Nomination (02:14:02)
  13. Brandon Sheffield’s Fourth Nomination (02:20:36)
  14. Tim Rogers’ Fourth Nomination (02:26:19)
  15. Brandon Sheffield’s Fifth Nomination (02:23:15)
  16. Tim Rogers’ Fifth Nomination (02:40:02)
  17. Brandon Sheffield’s Sixth Nomination (02:50:18)
  18. Brandon Sheffield’s Seventh Nomination (02:53:08)
  19. Tim Rogers’ Sixth Nomination (02:55:41)
  20. Tim Rogers’ Seventh Nomination (03:03:25)

View the finalized ranked list in the Insert Credit Forums or at insertcredit.com


This week’s Insert Credit Show is brought to you by GLYDR which is now on Kickstarter, and patrons like you. Thank you.

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