Ep. 316 - Insert Credit Game Awards Special
Ep. 316

Ep. 316 - Insert Credit Game Awards Special

Episode description

Recorded before The Game Awards, and released the week after! The Insert Credit Panel decides the video game winners of categories unwittingly submitted by listeners. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

And The Categories Are:

  1. Gaagaagiins: Best Standardized Box Art Platform Frames (02:15)
  2. Propelleher: Best Scoff (05:35)
  3. rice9 : Best eSport of the 1980s (07:16)
  4. Breadytodie: Best Overtly Political Japanese Game (08:48)
  5. Cole: Best Campfire Scene (10:59)
  6. IntergalacticWalrus: Best Playable Non-Anthropomorphic Animal (13:14)
  7. Spencer: Best Game By an American Branch of a Japanese Company (16:02)
  8. Larky: Most Incidentally Educational Game (18:59)
  9. rearnakedwindow: Best Game Exclusive to a Legitimately Bad Console (22:13)
  10. Alex Jaffe: Best Video Game to Name Your Band After (24:53)
  11. ANONYMOUS GOD HAND LOVER: Game Most Like GOD HAND (27:15)
  12. Billy: Best Underwater Tunnel in a Racing Game (28:34)
  13. Sfwublin: Best Mine Carts (31:01)
  14. Justin Hamrick: Most Dangerous Video Game (33:47)
  15. Pro Skater 4: Most Evil Video Game (36:41)
  16. Erica: Most Video Game-Ass Video Game (39:05)

Recommendations and Outro (42:08)

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Tim: If you are part of the committee that plans The Game Awards with Geoff Keighley, please come up with better award categories

Frank: The Video Game History Foundation Patreon

Brandon: Mr. Ray’s Wig World - Faster Kitty Cat Play Play

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