Ep. 308 - Along for the Ride in Tokyo, with Brandon Sheffield
Ep. 309

Ep. 308 - Along for the Ride in Tokyo, with Brandon Sheffield

Episode description

Brandon reports on foot in Japan, bringing us along to retro game stores, surprise idol concerts, heist stories with chibi-tech and Playstation 2 discoveries with Colin Williamson. Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, with chibi-tech and Colin Williamson. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.


  1. the perseverance of nakano sunplaza and shiso leaves (00:08)
  2. a bonus travel tip regarding fresh passports (03:02)
  3. chatting with chibi-tech in akihabara about maids, idols, and stealing stuff (06:29)
  4. a guessing game and building sasage (18:01)
  5. games, other names for granola, tofu for men, and sleep chocolate (20:14)
  6. the state of japanese retro game stores (27:12)
  7. not speaking english with pavel, and spending as much as possible on indian food (33:01)
  8. can you hear these birds?! they’re going nuts (39:31)
  9. something extremely curious (40:52)
  10. nobody does japan like japan does (49:17)
  11. wilderness reclamation (55:51)
  12. waiting for a train in kyoto, and delaying saying no (01:00:51)
  13. The Discovery of Zeus IV, with colin williamson (01:05:42)
  14. towing a hearse (01:16:21)

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