Ep. 307J - Podcast Swap Situation, with 8-4 Play

Ep. 307J - Podcast Swap Situation, with 8-4 Play

Episode description

8-4 Play (Tina Carter, Mark MacDonald and John Riccardi) serve as your panel with Brandon Sheffield as host, covering a barrage of questions about localization, the global nature of games, and Sans. Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, with Tina Carter, Mark MacDonald and John Riccardi. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. How has Japanese corporate culture manifested itself in the history of game development? (03:08)
  2. What are Japanese arcades like right now? (08:28)
  3. Design an online multiplayer game where the mechanics are intended to incorporate international time zone differences. (14:04)
  4. Jaffe’s NieR Automata Dilemma: How is it that sometimes a video game sequel or follow-up can be technically better than the previous one in every way, but you don’t like it as much? (19:08)
  5. What’s your approach to game localization purity? (25:57)
  6. Which game studio has produced the most good games without releasing ANY bad ones? (32:03)
  7. What is the “But doctor, I am Pagliacci!” of video games? (37:12)

LIGHTNING ROUND: First Person Pronouns (39:44)

Bonus Question: Defend your choice of the “I” pronoun you used for Sans in Undertale. (44:03)

Recommendations and Outro (45:46)

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Recommendations: Mark: Enhance Experience Inc.’s games John: Follow @johntv, listen to 8-4 Play, check out Masahiro Sakurai’s Youtube channel

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