Ep. 305 - Trouble Bobble, with Mathew Kumar and MoxBagel
Ep. 305

Ep. 305 - Trouble Bobble, with Mathew Kumar and MoxBagel

Episode description

Insert Credit Scottish Correspondent Mathew Kumar joins the panel to answer MoxBagel’s questions on Dragon Quest’s art style, mutants without souls, and Zom Brady. Hosted by MoxBagel, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Mathew Kumar. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. When has depriving you of your equipment or weapons felt best in a video game? (05:19)
  2. What video game house would you want to live in? (08:40)
  3. What other Bobble genres should Taito explore? (12:16)
  4. How big of an influence on Dragon Quest is Toriyama’s art? (16:02)
  5. What would be the best type of game to release in weekly small installments over 5-6 months like a TV show? (21:33)
  6. What futuristic sports game would make the best transition to real life, assuming an unlimited budget? (28:29)
  7. Has any game captured the elegant action of Yuen Woo Ping’s fight choreography? (34:34)
  8. What game is most improved by promoting and powering up the lowliest enemy to be the final boss? (40:18)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Scottish Games Shootout (43:22)

Recommendations and Outro (53:10)

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Recommendations: Mathew: the Games for the Weans Scottish Game Sale Frank: The Video Game History Hour MoxBagel: Raining in the Mountain (1975)

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