Ep. 288 - El Podcast Regular
Ep. 288

Ep. 288 - El Podcast Regular

Episode description

The panel you know and love reconvenes to weigh in on Overwatch 2, the GameCube handle, and Minter’s thing. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. What does it mean to beat a video game? (05:04)
  2. In the “games as service” era, when do you update a game, and when do you make a sequel? (11:20)
  3. What’s the best non-game feature a gaming console has ever had? (18:32)
  4. What kinds of things aren’t video games licensing that they should? (28:21) Insert Credit Quick Break: Egglien (33:12)
  5. From ShlooterMcGavin: What would an eSports Utility Vehicle be like? (34:40)
  6. When have game developers best anticipated player behavior? (44:21)
  7. What games have successfully ripped off older games without anyone really noticing? (49:17)
  8. What is the Who Shot Mr. Burns? of video games? (54:03)

LIGHTNING ROUND: GameFAQ&As: Tears of the Kingdom (01:01:00)

Recommendations and Outro (01:06:09)


Recommendations: Frank: Unofficial Rent-A-Hero No.1 Translation, use actual games saves and not save states if you’re using the Redream emulator, the Xbox Elite Controller Tim: the Xbox Elite Controller, the Analogue Duo Brandon: talk to your relatives about trans rights issues

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