Ep. 283 - Oops! All Necrosoft, with Lotte May, Son M., and Jenna Stoeber
Ep. 283

Ep. 283 - Oops! All Necrosoft, with Lotte May, Son M., and Jenna Stoeber

Episode description

Necrosoft founder Brandon Sheffield sits with Necrosoft programmer Lotte May, Necrosoft producer Son M., and Necrosoft marketing director Jenna Stoeber to mostly talk about romancing Merlin. Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, with Lotte May, Son M., and Jenna Stoeber. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. What kinds of games should we be making with text? (03:05)
  2. What are the best untapped genre mashups in video games? (05:12)
  3. What are some under represented vehicles we should be using in games? (09:50)
  4. Design a new fantasy sports game. (12:20)
  5. What makes relationship systems in games compelling, and how can we make them even more compelling? (16:44)
  6. Alex Jaffe asks: If Necrosoft stuck to its original vision of being a game studio that only hires dead people, who would be on the payroll? (23:05)
  7. As of April 2023, how can content creators best present their work? (27:32)
  8. How will today’s youth silo themselves in the future? (33:31)
  9. What’s a question you’ve accidentally built your whole life around answering? (35:52)
  10. What part of your job would you be totally fine with AI taking away from you? (41:15)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Design - Game Companies (43:20)

Recommendations and Outro (48:01)

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