Ep. 282 - Bye Forever GDC 2023, with Brandon Sheffield, Liz Ryerson, and Ty Underwood
Ep. 282

Ep. 282 - Bye Forever GDC 2023, with Brandon Sheffield, Liz Ryerson, and Ty Underwood

Episode description

Insert Credit reports directly from GDC 2023. Brandon Sheffield relives past GDC memories with new and familiar faces, while Liz Ryerson and Ty Underwood dive into the dark underbelly of Web3 Cryptopits and explore the show floor.


  1. Brandon picks up his badge (00:00)
  2. Liz and Ty wait in line (02:33)
  3. Brandon interviews Greg Miller about GDC memories (08:10)
  4. Ty and Liz interview Evan Balster and Tammy Duplantis about why GDC is bad this year, lines, and lunch (14:46)
  5. Brandon hangs out with Ash Parrish in a bar watching baseball (19:13)
  6. Liz and Ty cover Web3 and the Trauma Trough with Emily Rose (23:43)
  7. Brandon and Vincent Diamante cover planes in hurricanes, cranky old men, and meeting IRC friends (28:28)
  8. Liz updates after emceeing the main stage (35:00)
  9. Liz and Ty walk the expo hall and talk to Issac Io Schankler (37:30)
  10. Brandon talks GDC memories in a bar with Kat Bailey, Wesley Fenlon, Jeremy Parish, and JJSignal (45:07)
  11. Liz recovers after a difficult day (54:25)
  12. Brandon shares his reason for coming to GDC (and DICE) and shares shoe repair tricks (56:26)
  13. Liz tests positive for covid (01:03:50)
  14. Ty reports for the Experimental Game Workshop and asks the hard questions (01:05:52)
  15. Brandon settles on an Italian restaurant with Frank Cifaldi, Chris Charla, and Kelsey Lewin and share stories (01:10:09)
  16. Brandon and Jenn Sandercock have a serendipitous meeting (01:29:02)
  17. Ty scours Yerba Buena to get final thoughts on the conference (01:30:09)
  18. Brandon gets Jim Stormdancer’s GDC memories (01:32:28)
  19. Brandon and Ash Parrish discuss preconceptions, Kirby, Iran, and the giving nature of people at GDC (01:35:25)
  20. Ty unwinds with Eva Khoury to get the vibe of the show (01:51:22)
  21. Brandon runs into Mimsy and talks parties and Oakland (01:52:04)
  22. Ty shares their final thoughts on GDC 2023 (01:55:11)
  23. Brandon wraps up the show (01:55:50)

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