Ep. 279 - Cauliflower If It Makes Sense, with Jeff Gerstmann
Ep. 279

Ep. 279 - Cauliflower If It Makes Sense, with Jeff Gerstmann

Episode description

Video game journalist Jeff Gerstmann sits down at the Insert Credit table to cover video game history, AI, and the return of Violence Island. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield, and Jeff Gerstmann. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. Have any of you seen the news lately? (09:58)
  2. Let’s examine the evolution of the endless runner. (21:53)
  3. Wrestling games. Glorified character creators, or is there something there gameplay-wise? (28:22)
  4. Definitively rank tank, healer, and DPS from best to worst. (35:52)
  5. Kyle asks: Form a musical super group composed of video game characters. (43:38)
  6. Are AI programs like ChatGPT good for video games? (50:44)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Violence Island (01:03:50)

Recommendations and Outro (01:23:49)

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Recommendations: Brandon: the plot of Kung Fu Traveler (2017) Jeff: Go listen to the Snoop Dogg Call of Duty: Vanguard voicelines Frank: Chicory: A Colorful Tale Tim: Croupier (1998)

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