Ep. 276 - Bye Forever DICE 2023
Ep. 276

Ep. 276 - Bye Forever DICE 2023

Episode description

Brandon Sheffield and Frank Cifaldi report from Las Vegas, where they supposedly attended the 2023 DICE Summit, but mostly ran into used game stores and friends of Insert Credit. Featuring Alex Jaffe, Brandon Sheffield, Frank Cifaldi, Chris Kohler, Ally McLean, Mathew Kumar, and Kris Graft.


  1. Retro City Games shopping with Chris Kohler (00:51)
  2. Retro City Games shopping with Ally McLean (10:48)
  3. Driving with Chris Kohler, Ally McLean and Frank Cifaldi from Retro City Games to another used game store (16:09)
  4. Brandon discusses the plot of The $cheme (2003) with Ally McLean (25:18)
  5. Getting lost in the car after Retro City Games #2 (27:08)
  6. A miserable situation involving accoustic covers of popular music (38:15)
  7. In the Circus Circus hotel room (39:17)
  8. Walking through Circus Circus (42:15)
  9. 6 AM stories with Kris Graft (44:00)
  10. Post-show thoughts from Brandon and Frank (58:56)

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