Ep. 269 - Pure Podcast Content, with Christa Lee
Ep. 269

Ep. 269 - Pure Podcast Content, with Christa Lee

Episode description

Console modification expert Christa Lee joins Brandon and Tim on the panel to cover raytracing in 4K at 120 fps, the things players care about that developers don’t, and the return of Violence Island. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield, and Christa Lee. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. From Ash Parrish: What video game would you swear into Congress on? (01:59)
  2. What can you tell about a video game cartridge from its circuit board? (09:41)
  3. Is raytracing just a graphical enhancement, or can it be gameplay? (15:02)
  4. What do players think about a lot more than game developers? (20:33)
  5. What is the best dead video game company? (26:32)
  6. Spencergifs asks: When did video games become mainstream? (29:51)
  7. Violence Island (36:57)
  8. How should games signal that a “point of no return” is coming? (46:57)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Pokedexperts (01:02:41)

Recommendations and Outro (01:09:37) Discuss this episode in the Insert Credit Forums


Brandon: Bee and PuppyCat
Christa: Mushihimesama

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