Ep. 263 - Extractula the Dracula, with Esper Quinn
Ep. 263

Ep. 263 - Extractula the Dracula, with Esper Quinn

Episode description

Editor Esper Quinn joins the table to give thanks for a feast of listener submitted questions. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield, and Esper Quinn. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. Max asks: What is the most fun or interesting scoring mechanic in a shooting game? (10:59)
  2. Malcove asks: How would you reintroduce vampires to modern video games? (14:44)
  3. A Most Handsome Boy asks: Thoughts on a good steam? (16:56)
  4. ColdPie asks: what type of tourism opportunities would you take advantage of if you were visiting the Republic of Gamers? (20:37)
  5. BreadyToDie asks: Have you ever played the sequel of a game before playing the original? (22:53)
  6. Pannekoeken asks: What happened to rhythm games? (26:32)
  7. Dilson asks: Which cooking games aren’t boring? (33:56)
  8. Ripley Rose proposes an Improv Zone – Sonic’s Dad Got Arrested (38:19)
  9. Gaagaagiins asks: When has a video game adaptation been objectively better than the source material? (43:33)
  10. Anonymous asks: What singleplayer game should have gotten a competitive multiplayer mode? (48:49)
  11. Ross Hamrick asks: Which arcade racing game has the best manual transmission? (52:01)
  12. Cole asks: are Japanese video game scores better for a reason? (56:32)
  13. Kiko B asks: Which two video game franchises would be improved by swapping protagonists? (01:04:28)
  14. Terrace asks: What was the Secret of Evermore?(01:06:52)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Crumbling Zero asks to Rank the Metacritic Top 10 (01:07:50)

Recommendations and Outro (01:32:22)


Frank: Nutritional yeast
Brandon: Duma
Tim: Nothing so mundane as a grocery store
Esper: Princess Tutu

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