Ep. 252 - Quora Spectaskular 2, with Ash Parrish and Chris Kohler
Ep. 252

Ep. 252 - Quora Spectaskular 2, with Ash Parrish and Chris Kohler

Episode description

The reunited Ash Parrish and Chris Kohler, both formerly of Kotaku Splitscreen, join Frank Cifaldi and Alex Jaffe in answering the top video game questions on Quora.

Questions this week:

  1. Is there any reason to choose a female character in video games? (03:18)
  2. Why does everyone speak English in the Fallout video game series? (06:04)
  3. Playing Skyrim as a vampire, is it worth it? (06:56)
  4. Why is Magnus Carlsen hinting at not playing world championships anymore while at the peak of his power? (09:20)
  5. What’s the hardest video game ever made? (11:31)
  6. How can I permanently end my son’s gaming? (14:45)
  7. What are some good free game engines? (21:16)
  8. In a 4X game, do you play tall or wide? (22:45)
  9. What game has the environment that blew your mind? (24:27)
  10. Where do you scale the Game Sonic? (27:58)
  11. If you’re making a game and a company wants to buy it from you, how much should you sell it for? (32:41)
  12. Will the era of console exclusive games ever end? (38:28)
  13. Why is it when I play Minecraft with 1660Ti I barely reach 60fps? (39:28)
  14. My son is playing Elden Ring and it’s full of demonic imagery. What should I do? (40:28)
  15. What are the least known game genres? (42:34)
  16. Are there any games that can actually earn Paypal money?(45:42)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Overwatch League Team Slogans (46:37)

Recommendations and Outro (50:35)

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Frank: The Video Game History Hour

Ash: BPM: Bullets Per Minute

Chris: Immortality

Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Ash Parrish and Chris Kohler. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.