Ep. 248 - Insert Credit Flavored Questions that are too stupid for the Dirtbag, with Ash Parrish
Ep. 248

Ep. 248 - Insert Credit Flavored Questions that are too stupid for the Dirtbag, with Ash Parrish

Episode description

Insert Credit Hornt Correspondent Ash Parrish rejoins the panel to answer questions members of the Insert Credit forums deemed too stupid even to submit to the dirtbag.

Questions this week:

  1. BluntForceMama asks: What is your mom’s favorite TV show, and how would you adapt it into a video game your dad would want to play? (02:06)
  2. Gaagaagiins asks: Is Capcom just Sega without the Sega-ness? (07:09)
  3. beets asks: If you were going to make a table from video game hardware, which would you choose? (10:03)
  4. yeso asks: can Yoko Taro see out of that thing? (12:41)
  5. King Tub asks: when I’m rewarded with gold for fighting a monster, what’s it doing with that gold? (15:13)
  6. Is Superman just seeing everybody’s dicks all the time? (18:03)
  7. Gaagaagiins asks: Design a Fromsoft Onimusha game with a Jean Reno-level celebrity appearance and setting (20:44)
  8. antillese asks: If muddy brown is the color of Xbox 360 games, what is the video game color of other consoles? (22:12)
  9. The Fragrance of Dark Coffee asks: What isn’t the Jingle All The Way of video games? (26:19)
  10. dylanfills asks: Is the Phoenix Wright series copaganda? (30:15)
  11. Anna asks: If every video game character escaped the virtual world and attacked their creators, which developers could beat their creations? (35:22)
  12. TokuCowboy asks: What does the CD mean in Sonic CD? (40:56)
  13. HelloMrKearns asks: What is the Mitsuoka Le-Seyde of video games? (41:28)
  14. dylanfills asks: is Doomguy a bottom? (47:48)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Arcade of Our Own (51:16)

Recommendations and Outro (01:03:22)

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Brandon: Wishlist Hyper Gunsport and Demonschool on Steam

Ash: Endling: Extinction Is Forever, Escape Academy

Frank: Try unsalted nuts, send Frank the Doom comic

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