Ep. 233 - Pod of Casters, an ICS SNK KOF Roundtable
Ep. 233

Ep. 233 - Pod of Casters, an ICS SNK KOF Roundtable

Episode description

Cool, cute, and Iori Yagami! Insert Credit Fighting Game Correspondent Patrick Miller hosts Brandon Sheffield, EVO Head Tournament Organizer Andrés “nothingxs” Velasco y Coll and classic Insert Credit writer Azurelore Korrigan to cover the King of Fighters, the fall of SNK, and Insert Credit’s history with both.

Questions this week:

  1. What brought this panel together? (02:11)
  2. What are your fighting game credentials? (10:55)
  3. How has SNK’s purchase by a murderous dictator impacted your relationship with the company and King of Fighters series? (18:24)
  4. What would an in-person Insert Credit event be like? (28:43)
  5. If you disappeared for twenty years, what alias would you return as? (34:49)
  6. Why do you play KOF? (41:26)
  7. How will Kyo and Iori’s long term relationship unfold? (51:32)
  8. Do you think this iteration of SNK is the most successful since the 90’s? (58:39)
  9. In a better world, what classic SNK series would you like to come back? (01:07:14)
  10. Which game in the series sound design has stuck with you the most? (01:13:03)
  11. What is the best outfit in KOF history? (01:20:56)
  12. What are your favorite King of Fighters spinoffs and minigames? (01:26:44)
  13. Who is the King of Fighters? (01:31:53)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Bio Logical (01:37:37)

Recommendations and Outro (01:46:56)

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Brandon: Casa Sanchez Picoso Chips

Azurelore: Far Away Times

Andrés: DNOpls, Patrick Miller’s patreon

Pat: Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.