Ep. 220 - Advergame Designathon, with Liz Ryerson
Ep. 220

Ep. 220 - Advergame Designathon, with Liz Ryerson

Episode description

Insert Credit Sells Out! Liz Ryerson returns with a vengeance to help design sixteen games for brands that owe us money now.

Advergame Designathon:

  1. Design a side-scrolling shooter for the WWE. (04:04)
  2. Design a top-down puzzle game for Six Flags. (06:28)
  3. Design a tower defense game for the Portugal Board of Tourism. (08:29)
  4. Design a platforming game for Ariana Grande. (11:00)
  5. Design an 8-bit roleplaying game for Monday Night Football. (14:21)
  6. Design a dating sim for Now That’s What I Call Music! (17:18)
  7. Design an FMV game for the U.K. National Lottery. (20:14)
  8. Design a VR racing game for the Rocky franchise. (22:41)
  9. Design a bullet hell for the Tasmanian Devil. (24:41)
  10. Design a party game for Wal-Mart. (26:33)
  11. Design a gacha game for Good Morning America (28:34)
  12. Design a fighting game for BBC Arts & Culture. (33:51)
  13. Design an isometric adventure game for Rolex. (38:37)
  14. Design an open world game for Doctors Without Borders (42:46)
  15. Design a first person shooter for Deer Park Spring Water (45:55)
  16. Design a Myst clone for the Catholic Church (48:03)

Recommendations and Outro (49:50)

Tell everyone your substantially better idea in the forums!



Jaffe: Identify the closest public bathroom to you in case of emergency.

Brandon: The House (2022), The Silent Sea

Tim: Hard to Be a God (2013)*

Liz: The Favourite (2018), Beetlejuice (1988)

*Not an official recommendation

Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Tim Rogers, Brandon Sheffield and Liz Ryerson. Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.