Ep. 197 - Myst Opportunities, with Chris Remo and Mathew Kumar
Ep. 197

Ep. 197 - Myst Opportunities, with Chris Remo and Mathew Kumar

Episode description

Game designer, composer, and co-creator of Idle Thumbs Chris Remo joins the panel along with Mathew “Agent of Chaos” Kumar to cover the Honda Prelude, Crossword of the Dead, and live on-air cat noises.

Questions this week:

  1. Jeff Gerstmann asks: What’s the coolest vehicle to ever appear in a video game? (04:54)
  2. Are the Myst games still good? What should people play instead? (10:55)
  3. What kind of feeling does acoustic guitar give to a game? (16:41)
  4. What’s better in a video game, an elevator or stairs? (22:45)
  5. What six C-list video game villains would you recruit for a government black ops team? (28:20)
  6. Dirtbag Gaagaagiins asks: What’s the best autoscrolling section in video games? (33:08)
  7. When and how do games successfully recontextualize frustrating tropes? (40:28)
  8. Review the concept of crossword puzzles based on their graphics and mechanics. (44:57)
  9. What are some of your favorite harmless video game hoaxes? (50:41)
  10. What is the Waiting for Godot of video games? (56:48)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Design – Jodi Picoult (01:01:44)

Don’t you wish you could share your answers to the prompts? You can do exactly that in the forums!



Brandon: To Kill With Intrigue (1977), Walker (1987)

Mathew: Gold Ninja Video fundraiser

Chris: Police Story (1985)

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.