Ep. 191 - The Not Game Making Dimension, with Liz Ryerson
Ep. 191

Ep. 191 - The Not Game Making Dimension, with Liz Ryerson

Episode description

Musician, writer, and Insert Credit regular Liz Ryerson returns to cover lawyer angels, Charles Martinet’s infidelity, and Le Console.

Questions this week:

  1. Kelsey Lewin asks: What’s the recipe for the worst way to play Super Mario Bros.? (03:42)
  2. Has a spiritual sequel to a game ever surpassed it? (08:58)
  3. How would you commemorate a series 30th anniversary when you have no new games to announce? (13:16)
  4. Can listening to a game’s soundtrack spoil the game? (18:00)
  5. How have video games failed the queer community? (23:09)
  6. Dirtbag MoxBagel asks: How do you design around players hoarding items? (32:49)
  7. If all the big tech giants made video game consoles, which one would be the biggest disaster? (38:28)
  8. What are the best unlicensed games? (43:36)
  9. Can realistic human jumping be fun in video games? (49:15)
  10. Who’s the Christopher Columbus of video games? (54:26)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Glitchfork Reviews (59:03)

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Brandon: Ace Combat 3 soundtrack, Liz’s Sounds From The Abyss mixes

Frank: Sleep, drink water

Liz: Stretch, Ross’s Game Dungeon, The Blood Zone

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.