Ep. 180 - Insert Credit 20th Anniversary
Ep. 180

Ep. 180 - Insert Credit 20th Anniversary

Episode description

Twenty years of insertcredit.com, as remembered by past and present contributors. Featuring Vincent Diamante, Chris Woodard, Azurelore Korrigan, Patrick Miller, and more.

Questions this week:

  1. What do you remember about the GP32, and how does obscure hardware fit in Insert Credit’s taste? (07:20)
  2. What are the best video game comeback stories? (11:42)
  3. If Insert Credit could secure the film rights to any video game, what would it be? (16:09)
  4. What gets changed when porting a video game? (19:19)
  5. What Insert Credit-type games influence Vincent’s music composition? (23:06)
  6. What is Tose up to now, and what other important game companies don’t we know about? (31:51)
  7. Insert Credit declared the death of print video game media on April 16th, 2008. Is that about right? (36:38)
  8. In 2009, there was some pontification on Insert Credit on what constituted “good” or “bad” video game journalism. Where do you stand on that now? (41:03)
  9. What are some of the most striking video game convention displays you’ve seen? (44:43)
  10. How did the cottage industry of new games for old consoles happen, and which ones are worth discussing? (49:50)
  11. How did the forums and community shape Insert Credit’s identity? (59:03)
  12. How can one still find obscurity on the internet? (01:09:03)
  13. What are the biggest differences between video game culture in 2004-2006 and now? (01:14:00)
  14. After all these years, how would you define your relationship to video games? (01:20:35)
  15. What the hell is wrong with video games? (01:24:54)
  16. How has Insert Credit changed since the start of the podcast? (01:44:53)
  17. How did you all go from writing about to developing and preserving video games? (01:49:24)
  18. Are video game blogs dead? (02:00:09)
  19. What are the best things to come out of Insert Credit? (02:04:40)
  20. Finish this sentence: Insert Credit is the _____ of video games. (02:09:15)

Discuss these questions and obscure video game hardware in the Insert Credit forum thread for this episode.


Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.