Ep. 173 - We Don't Usually Swear, with Lotte May
Ep. 173

Ep. 173 - We Don't Usually Swear, with Lotte May

Episode description

Content warning: Brandon says a swear at 53:03, but it’s justified. Special guest Lotte May joins a Tim-less panel to have a chill hangout. This episode is a Chill Version features three new lofi tracks from Kurt Feldman!

Questions this week:

  1. Previously on Insert Credit #14: If you could send 3 portable games to everybody in the world, what would they be? Game Boy Color edition (04:26)
  2. How will strategy guides in the Library of Congress benefit future Americans? (09:37)
  3. Why are some games so much better when played on smaller, portable screens? (15:44)
  4. What are your favorite pieces of bespoke, custom made video game hardware? (20:47)
  5. It’s 1995. What games would you design to enhance the launch library for the Casio Loopy? (26:06)
  6. Patreon Supporter MoxBagel asks: What game would you give a young Brandon Sheffield to change his destiny as an inveterate Nintendo hater? (30:50)
  7. When and how is the color pink best utilized in a video game’s color palette? (36:27)
  8. It has now been 24 hours since the February 17th Nintendo Direct aired. What can you still remember about it? (40:13)
  9. What is the worst advice you’ve ever gotten about your video game industry job? (46:14)
  10. What’s a game that would be worth making for an old system? (50:57)

LIGHTNING ROUND: The Blank of Video Games: Coffee (57:44)

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.