Picking Up with Geoff Johns

Picking Up with Geoff Johns

Episode description

Intrepid reporter Alex Jaffe comes to you straight from New York Comic Con 2023, interviewing comics legend and member of the 52 writers room Geoff Johns. Get answers on how multiverse storytelling has evolved since 52 brought it to public consciousness, the unexpected arcs of Black Adam and Booster Gold, as well as info on the next great comic book writers room, Ghost Machine (final order cutoff for #1 is December 18th!)


  1. Tell us a little bit about Ghost Machine (00:43)
  2. How the hell did you put out a weekly comic for a year without missing a week? (02:31)
  3. Let’s talk about Black Adam (03:43)
  4. How deeply was 52 influenced by world events? (06:14)
  5. How did 52 develop past the original pitch? (07:20)
  6. How have your thoughts on multiverse storytelling evolved since 52? (12:24)
  7. What was it like working with Keith Giffen? (15:03)
  8. What were Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid like as collaborators? (16:49)
  9. How did you evolve Booster Gold? (18:03)
  10. What was the deal with the Trinity of Sin? (23:09)
  11. What are the next breakout books from Ghost Machine? (24:34)


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