Week 7 - Going Down

Week 7 - Going Down

Episode description

Betrayal! Public shaming! Pop-punk and toxic lesbians! All-Star Comics Journalist Gita Jackson and World’s Finest Comics Expert Alex Jaffe infiltrate issue seven of 52, the most important comic book of the century and the best series you’ve never heard of. Use offer code SCOOTS for 20% off!


  1. Let’s Talk Talent (03:51)
  2. Let’s Talk About the Cover (07:36)
  3. Let’s Talk About 52 #7 (08:51)
  4. The Backup (47:11)
  5. What’s your favorite part of the issue? (54:01)
  6. The Blackboard (57:38)
  7. Asking The Questions at 52mailbag@gmail.com (01:06:10)


52 Pickup is an Aftermath production, created by Gita Jackson and Alex Jaffe, and edited by Esper Quinn, with original music by Jon Ehrens. If you’d like to follow along, you can check out 52 at your local comic book store or library, or the DC Universe Infinite subscription service. The views and opinions expressed on this show are solely those of the show’s personalities, and do not reflect those of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros. Please rate and review our show wherever you can, and send your questions and comments to 52mailbag@gmail.com. Never stop reading comics.